Sea of Hearts

Heart & Shawl is proud to partner with The MareCet Research Organization, a local Malaysian-based non-profit non-governmental organization focused on conducting research and conservation of marine mammals and their environment.  


Many people are unaware that Malaysia hosts at least 27 species of whales, dolphins, porpoises and dugongs in her waters, which is close to a third of the total species found in the world! MareCet is currently the only non-profit organization studying these animals in Malaysian waters and actively working towards the conservation of their habitats.


Through this initiative, proceeds from the sale of ‘seagrass meadow’ from the classique range, ‘pink dolphin’ from the instant shawl range, and ‘bottlenose grey’ from elegante range will be channeled to MareCet to help continue their research and conservation activities.  


With this partnership, we hope to raise awareness on the importance of conserving the marine environment and how the well-being of the seas is likely to impact communities’ lives around the country.